//Is There an Age Limit for CBD?

Is There an Age Limit for CBD?

Cannabinoids are being researched worldwide for their use in the treatments of a range of conditions: charting childhood disorders to late onset illnesses experienced by the elderly. CBD products can be accessed worldwide when they come from industrial hemp. In some countries cannabis-based CBD is also accessible, if cannabis is also legal.

In this article, we’ll look at why people want to try CBD and whether there is an age limit on CBD use.

Who Uses CBD?

Given the evidence of the supplementary value of CBD there are many reasons why individuals, young and old, are wanting to try it.

A particular study is reporting beneficial effects of CBD when used for Dravet syndrome, a rare but severe epileptic condition that occurs in infants. This shows why parents of young children might want access to the compound. This also triggers the debate into whether it is safe for infants to use. Following up on this concern a recent trial, which researched safe dosing ranges of the supplement, confirmed that it was generally well-tolerated.

As well as young children experiencing the benefits from CBD, there is equally the demand for the supplement from people at the other end of the spectrum; people in the later stages of life, often suffering from chronic pain and late onset illnesses. Naturally, there is the particular vulnerability to this group given that research and attitudes toward CBD are changing rapidly. So, ensuring clear knowledge on the supplement and its methods of intake are particularly important.

How Should You Take It?

If you have concerns over the safety or side effects on children or the elderly, then the good news is that CBD in anything from low to high doses of up to 1500mg/day are reported as being well-tolerated in humans. CBD is not considered to be toxic and does not negatively affect heart rate, blood pressure or body temperature, neither does it affect gastrointestinal transit or psychomotor and psychological functions.

There is a diversity in supplements available and this is a key choice for those across different ages with different body-types and lifestyles. We are not allowed to give medical advice, which is why we advise all consumers at all ages to first trial low doses and concentrations of CBD, then build up to the optimum amount for themselves. The Up Titration Method and dosing suggestions should guide your usage. Particularly in the cases of children and elderly individuals, personal reactions should be noted and responded to efficiently.

Can All Ages Access CBD?

Industrial hemp plants are legal in many countries across the world, making products for a variety of industries: from construction to car manufacturers, as well as natural beauty and skincare items. Hemp-based CBD, available in health stores, food markets and online, does not have either an upper or lower age limit. This means that minors can purchase these products, but this is ultimately the decision of the businesses themselves.

The legal debate around the supplement is extremely frustrating. In theory, hemp-based CBD is accessible to all ages. However, the grey area of its legal status means that access can be difficult. Many countries and states previously controlled CBD products, due to CBD being under the same umbrella as cannabis and THC. Now, laws are being updated with CBD-only legislation helping people access supplements that originate from hemp, or in some cases where CBD is isolated from other cannabinoids.

These changes do, unfortunately, come with a general lack clarity. We’ve outlined the general guidelines surrounding the legality of CBD here, but to ensure you are up-to-date with the laws on access where you are, it’s encouraged to reach out to your local government officer, police department or customs office for the most up-to-date information.

The vast array of forms and strengths that CBD oil comes in means that different products will appeal to people of different ages and provides a choice for the consumers. Anyone of any age, who is unsure about using CBD to help treat themselves, should get advice and help from a qualified professional; they can advise you on the best dosage and type of product to suit your lifestyle and ailments.


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